Our Values


We work together, sharing responsibility and reward; We share the light, glory and success; We encourage each other, giving recognition & praise and we honour each others’ gifts.


We’re open-minded to other ideas and thoughts; We rely on teamwork; and believe in being accommodating and understanding; we commit to supporting each other with respect and trust.


We listen to people without judgment; We ask for feedback; We turn negatives into positives; We give praise and pray for each other; We desire goodness and blessing for each other.


We are focused on growing our positive impact on our community.


We are focused on driving real change in the community we live in.

The Klassen Family Charter

As descendants of Neil & Rita Klassen, we the Klassen Family share a

commitment to God and a commitment to each other.

As a family, We

Honour our elders, our peers and our children;

Maintain relationships and walk in forgiveness, acceptance and

unconditional love with one another;

Encourage, support and care for each other in our day to day lives;

Listen, respect and celebrate each other, providing a safe place to be real;

Are open to different viewpoints, perspectives and opinions. There is no

condemnation or discrimination;

Work, live, share and care in real time, interacting with love and kindness;

Foster a culture of adoption, acceptance and forgiveness;

Believe in working diligently, stewarding the opportunities we’ve been given

to create financial freedom that enables us to give and live;

Try to maintain balance of time with family and time with work, though the

two are often connected, both are valued;

As leaders in business and in our community, We

Understand that we represent this family and the Lord Jesus as we go

about our daily lives;

Commit to try to make a positive impact in the business realm, in the

church, in our family, in our city, in our country and in the world;

Join together daily in the Spirit, in prayer, wherever we are, aligning our will

with the Lord’s will, committing to conduct our business ethically, with

integrity, honour, loyalty and respect;

Honour our heritage and the vision of Grandpa Neil, “we work hard to

further the kingdom of God”;

Honour and respect our customers, employees and each other, we build

and support, we don’t tear down;

As followers of Jesus, We

Desire to continually grow, having a big relationship with God;

Abide in Him, trusting God’s goodness, putting our personal goals and

agendas aside, and following in the way of Jesus;

Encourage and are accountable to eachother, seeking God for wisdom in

our day-to- day lives;

Understand that when we fall, we look to the Lord and we rise again,

persevering and getting stronger as we persevere;

Trust in the Lord and believe He knows what’s best for us and teaches us

the way to go (Isaiah 48:17);

Join God in his work, doing justice, showing mercy and walking humbly

(Micah 6:8);

Are generous with our time, money and resources, we are senders and

supporters but also doers, we are involved with the church on a local and

global level;

Minister through and to our family and our work;

Worship the Lord through prayer, singing and sharing in community, acting

out our faith and sharing testimonies about what the Lord has done and is


Strive to be a good example in our love, our faith and our purity (1 Tim


Provide an open door for the lonely and broken, loving and accepting all

without discrimination;

We commit to uphold the spirit of the values of this charter, before God and

with His guidance, on the nineteenth day of May, two thousand and

thirteen, the eighty-fifth birthday of Neil Klassen, our father, grandfather and


Signed, at our thirty-first annual May Long Weekend retreat in Osoyoos,

British Columbia,

The Klassen Family

May 19, 2013