Partner Organizations

We partner with like-minded organizations to better serve our local and global communities.

Cyrus Centre

We have been helping the Cyrus Centre for many years and it is such an honour to be able to support the amazing work that they do. Cyrus Centre Ministries exists as a compassionate response to youth in need. They operate various programs: providing emergency shelter, snacks, clothing, advocacy, school, counselling, referrals, life-skills training and so much more. Cyrus Centre provides homeless youth, 18 and under, with a temporary, safe place to stay while working toward a long-term solution.

Run for Water

Water is essential for life. Giving access to clean water saves lives, breaks the cycle of poverty, and brings economic opportunities to entire communities. Lack of access to clean water is one of the highest causes for death and disease in our world. It’s also the simplest to address – give people access to clean water.

Clean water can change everything, together we can provide the life-saving, game-changing gift of access to clean water. Join us at the Klassen Foundation Golf Classic and let’s build some wells!

Hope Central Ministries

Hope Central is another one of the Klassen Foundation’s long-term recipients. Hope Central Ministries is a not-for-profit, multi-denominational Christian society operating in Mission. They are a Christian ministry who’s aim is to love unconditionally and gain credibility with one another through service. From their meal program to footcare and outreach programs, Hope Central is committed to the whole person and their starting place is often around the table providing meals and other support services.

Indian Residential School Survivors Society

The IRSSS was one of our recipients of the 2022 Klassen Foundation Golf Classic. The Indian Residential School Survivor Society provides essential services to Residential School Survivors, their families and those dealing with intergenerational traumas. We recognize the important work that they do and want to support their efforts of raising awareness, pursuing truth, healing and reconciliation.

Mennonite Educational Institute

The Klassen Foundation has been providing an annual scholarship to MEI graduates since 2012.

Transport for Christ

The Klassen Foundation and the Klassen family’s trucking company, Valley Carriers, has been supporting Transport for Christ for many years. Transport For Christ (TFC) is a nondenominational, Christ-centred ministry to the trucking community, reaching out to truck drivers and those who work in the trucking industry. Their mission is accomplished primarily through chapels they staff and permanently place at strategic travel plazas.