About Us

The Klassen Business Group has committed a percentage of their net profits to the Klassen Foundation for philanthropic endeavours.


Neil & Rita Klassen were married in 1952 and had five children. In 1963, they started their own business, a trucking company, called Valley Pulp & Sawdust Carriers. The business was launched with the purchase of one truck, used to haul firewood and sawdust.

As time went on, three of his sons, Mervin, Dennis, and Reg, and his one daughter, Genny, each came to work in and expand the business. These four siblings all remain integral to the business to this day. Now a flourishing family enterprise backed by three generations of Klassens, it all started with Neil and Rita Klassen way back in 1963 on the values of faith, family, and hard work.

An entrepreneurial family, Neil & Rita instilled a passion for giving into the fabric and foundation of the business. Whenever the business would post a profit, and sometimes even when it didn’t, Neil would seek out opportunities to sow into the communities in which the company operated, local churches and also into missionary organizations overseas.

Ever quiet, publicly, about giving, Neil & Rita made certain their children, grandchildren & great-grandchildren understood the concept of stewardship and the associated responsibilities.

In 2012, the third generation of Klassen’s assumed the lead role for giving on behalf of the family, and established the Klassen Foundation. It is our intention to continue and expand on the vision and passion of our grandparents, and instill this in children and in the generations to come.